Go Away The Right Way

  1. China is a big country with a rich history and huge variety of landscapes, 56 Ethnic Groups with different and distinct cultures and unique taste of foods. Instead of taking a glance of  those Sites everyone goes, you may want to visit some destinations deeply, interact with local culture.​

  2. There are some specific timing to experience unique China Minority Culture, Spring Festival, Water-Splashing festival, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, etc. If you are interested in those traditional festivals, be sure you go on the right time.

  3. There are several ways to pay your dining with discount, In most of situations, you don't need to reserve seats in advance, and no need to tip (some restaurants charge service fees).

  4. Street Food is delicious and unique, choose those local people are dining. 

  5. If you are schedule is limited, and if you are a food lover, you are able to enjoy various tastes of foods, from every province of China, in food halls.​

  6. If you are not used to local food, you may find food from your home country in most of the cities, with fair price.

  7. “Food Delivery/Take-Out”, is so convenient and flexible, available everywhere, and many of them offer 24 hours service.

  8. Remember to left enough space in your luggage, you will love shopping in China, either buy those unique products with cheap price in shopping streets, or luxury goods in shopping malls.

  9. Practice your Haggling Skills?  Yes, in some boutiques, or some local market. But one thing you should know: don’t negotiate the price if you don’t want to buy.​

  10. ​Self-travel could be either less expensive, or luxury, whatever your budget is, you will receive same Fun Facts by right and creative plans.

  11. There are lots of interesting places to have fun with your children, not just in Tourism Areas.​

  12. Many Tourism Area combine the scenery and shows together, which is really unique and creative. Don't miss them.

  13. Enjoy Night Entertainment in many destinations, the sleepless cities.

  14. Travel with insurance always.​

  15. People in China are friendly, don't hesitate to ask them for helpful or just chat with them.

  16. ​Use the local app to call taxi, the app can trace your travel at night for safety.​

  17. The shared bike and shared charger are very convenient, you will love it only by use it for one time.

  18. ​Alipay is very convenient, and available everywhere, not many people use cash in China. It may work with your card. ​However, don't forget to let your bank you that you will use your card in China to avoid unusual transactions. ​

  19. Booking accommodations may need upfront payment or deposit, be sure you read the cancellation terms.

  20. Most public toilets don’t provide toilet paper, If you didn’t bring, then buy some before you go to tourism area.

  21. Remember to boiler the water before drinking, or buy bottled water. Convenience stores are everywhere in China, and open late.

  22. the Network of Buses and Trains is fantastic and affordable. so you don’t need to feel anxious about renting a car.


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